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FAQ's for September 2021 Admissions

Sixth Form Team Leadership Welcome

Transitioning from primary to secondary school is an unforgettable experience. Starting over in a new school can be extremely daunting; especially for those students who are timid and shy. However, the care and support that our teachers have given and continue to give at Thomas Aveling will make the whole experience a lot more enjoyable and less stressful. The vertical tutoring system means that students will find it easy to make friends in other year groups as well as their own. Having the older students in the same form can inspire and motivate younger years as they make the ideal mentors as they have already been in the same position.

Students will spend at least 5 years at Thomas Aveling, hopefully more if they choose, like us, to stay on at the Sixth Form. During that time, they will experience care and guidance from both their Form Tutors, Directors of Learning and the rest of the staff at this school. Thomas Aveling strives to provide outstanding support, both academically and emotionally. We can speak from first hand experience about the exceptional levels of support we received during our GCSEs. This school has also allowed us to develop into young adults who are driven and want to succeed, and we have felt encouraged and supported at each stage.

Being a student at Thomas Aveling is not just about developing your academic ability, it’s also about enhancing your employability skills and overall life experiences. Our extensive range of clubs and after school activities provide students with these opportunities, but there is also the option to contribute to our community by taking on responsibilities such as: prefect, librarian, school council member, peer mediator and many more. School trips in the past have included visiting Iceland, Poland, France and Italy. These give students the chance to experience other cultures. Other trips closer to home such as London and local university campuses, offer children the chance to see life outside of Medway.

The staff at Thomas Aveling really do go above and beyond for their students. Your child’s wellbeing and success is their priority. The staff are friendly, kind and listen - supporting students no matter what.

Sending your child to Thomas Aveling is a decision you will not regret.

The Sixth Form Leadership Team