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‘Career’ can be defined as “The individual’s pathway through life, learning and work”. The Thomas Aveling School is committed to raising the aspirations of all our students through the provision of varied and high-quality careers guidance, supporting them in making and managing choices and transitions that affect their futures, as well as preparing them for the world of work.

TA Futures is the school wide careers programme which is led by Miss Vidler and Mrs Sanders, both of whom can be found in the Careers Office (near Science) or the Drama Studio. Alternatively, if you have any queries about careers, higher education, or work experience, please contact either of them on 01634 844809 or email

The Careers Programme is overseen by Mrs Chew (Assistant Headteacher) and Ms Linter (Deputy Headteacher).  As a school, we work with the careers company DOMEG to provide more tailored and independent careers advice and guidance and Medway Education Business Partnership (MEBP) to arrange quality work experience placements.

We provide a range of opportunities for students from Year 7 all the way through to Year 13 to engage with the world of higher/further education, training, and work. Opportunities such as external speakers, talks from alumni students, university visits, work experience, TED days, careers and enterprise competitions and our wide range of extra-curricular activities ensure that our students develop the knowledge, skills, and experiences necessary to thrive once they leave our care. The opportunities, experiences and events are tailored to suit the varied needs and interests of our students.


Are you a former Thomas Aveling student? Return to The Thomas Aveling School to inform our current students about what life beyond school is really like. We are working to create a thriving alumni network on LinkedIn.





CREATE A PROFILE ACCOUNT (If you do not have one already) 

In the education section of your profile add ‘The Thomas Aveling School’ along with your start and leaving dates. 

Go to our school’s LinkedIn page and hit the ‘Follow’ button 

Spread the word with any former school friends – the bigger the network the bigger the benefits for all of us!

If you are a former student and able to offer us your support in any way, for example by mentoring current students, giving a talk in a subject linked to your career, conducting a mock interview etc. then please do get in touch either through our LinkedIn page or by emailing Hannah Vidler and Beverly Sanders on 



All students in Year 10 undertake a week’s work experience placement to give them an exciting opportunity to enter the world of work and which gives them a deeper understanding of skills required in the workplace. These placements can be organised by the students themselves, allowing them to focus on areas of interest in pursuing their career paths and the opportunity to draw on the support of family networks. Alternatively, students can make their own selections from a pre-approved list of placements that are sourced and supported by MEBP. Students benefit from completing detailed logbooks where they collaborate with their employers to track their experiences and progress and evidence their achievements.

All students in Year 12 undertake a week’s work experience placement in the summer term. It is the responsibility of the student to organise their own placements to promote independence, organisational skills and to build their network of useful contacts. Students sourcing their own placements means that they can secure placements in areas of their interest and broaden their experience in specific career pathways.

Students in Year 8 are asked to arrange a ‘Work Shadowing Day’ where they arrange with the employer to join a family member or family friend at work for the day and observe the tasks undertaken and what it is like to go out to work. This should take place on the July INSET day.

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