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Pupil Premium / Catch up Funding 

In the school year 2019-20 the school received the following sums of money:

  • Pupil Premium                       £265,362.50
  • Year  7 catch-up                             £18,093
  • Total PP Income 2019/20     £283,455.50

Pupil premium money is received by the school for any child who has been in receipt of free school meals, is a Council looked after child or is the child of a serving member of the armed forces. It is used to enhance these children’s educational experiences as they are deemed to be disadvantaged by circumstances out of their control.

Year 7 catch up funding is provided for any child who has not reached the expected level in Maths and/or English at the end of Primary school and is used to boost their progress in their first year of Secondary school.

Following analysis conducted throughout 2019/20 the main areas to address with this funding were the gaps between Pupil premium and non-pupil premium students in terms of:

  • Academic Interventions;
  • Welfare Interventions;
  • Literacy Interventions