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Our Approach to the Curriculum

Students at The Thomas Aveling School follow a very broad and balanced curriculum.  The Arts, Sport and Personal Development are valued highly.  We want students to be able to follow their own interests and use their talents to the full and have designed a curriculum to enable this to happen.  We are ambitious for our students and ensure they have the knowledge and skills that will make them successful, not only in school, but in life.  

We have an extended Key Stage 4 to allow students to choose subjects they have a greater interest in, but by our restriction of “allowed combinations” students will often study at least 1 EBACC option in addition to other subjects in our wide option offer.   Each year approximately half of the year study Geography, a similar proportion will study History and a smaller, but still significant, group will study one of the 3 languages we offer with excellent results.  The proportion taking the full suite of EBACC subjects has steadily increased.  We also offer an alternative curriculum that meets the needs of those children who need a little extra support in their studies.

The Key Stage 4 curriculum has a variety of academic and vocational qualifications for students to choose from to allow them to develop a wide range of skills necessary to be successful in a rapidly changing world.  Many students combine one vocational subject with their academic choices.

We are very pleased with our wide offer of vocational and academic qualifications in the 6th form – all at level 3.  Over half of each cohort of Year 11s stay with us to complete further study before applying for university or higher level apprenticeships and professions.  Those unable to stay with us, or who already know the career they want, are supported in their applications to local colleges and apprenticeships.

Nearly all students leave us to engage in further education, apprenticeships or training, very few are NEET at the point of leaving us.

In addition to the examined curriculum, we also offer many opportunities for children to engage in extra-curricular activities throughout the year.  These include Bronze, Silver and (first time in 2019) Gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards, sports teams, arts clubs, coding clubs and various trips far and near to generate an understanding of their position in the world and a further enjoyment of learning.

The curriculum is evaluated regularly to ensure it provides the best experiences for our students at every level, Horizon is an initiative we introduced to ensure vulnerable students were given additional opportunities to develop their socialisation skills, others take part in the Brilliant Club - working with PhD students on exam style research and essays - and others take part in Language and Literacy classes to accelerate their grasp of key literacy skills.