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Religious Studies actively promotes important values of truth, justice and respect for all.

It looks at the main beliefs and practices of world religions and encourages students to think for themselves about questions of meaning and identity.

We value the sincerely held views and backgrounds of all students and seek to help students think about and develop their own views on religious and moral ethical issues.

  • Religious Studies promotes spirituality by discussing key questions of meaning and truth.
  • Religious Studies promotes moral development through valuing diversity and exploring influences on moral choices.
  • Religious Studies promotes social development through considering how beliefs lead to particular actions and concerns.

In lessons, we aim to use a variety of teaching techniques and try to link religious concepts with the lives and interests of young people today.

Subject Leader: Mr P Evans (

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 students study a variety of themes. We introduce students to some main religious beliefs and practices. We look at these themes to see how belief and practice are connected and expressed in different ways both across and within religions.

Year 7

  • Life of Jesus
  • Religious festivals
  • Places of worship
  • Biblical stories

Year 8

  • Journey through life
  • Pilgrimage
  • Influential lives
  • Images of Jesus

Key Stage 4 – Citizenship and Beliefs

Exam board: Religious Studies AQA syllabus A

At Key Stage 4 students follow the course as Citizenship & Beliefs. All the lessons follow the AQA Religious Studies Syllabus A. They study different themes and the beliefs and practices of Christianity and Judaism. The full GCSE is taken at the end of year 10 for those students who wish to take it.

Year 9

  • Religion and Relationships
  • Religion and Life Issues
  • Religion, Crime and Punishment
  • Christianity -Beliefs
  • Christianity -Practices

Year 10

  • Religion and Conflict
  • Judaism -Beliefs
  • Judaism -Practices
  • Religion and Human Rights