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The AQA specification studied encourages learners to take a broad view of Psychology by covering a range of relevant and thought provoking areas during the two-year course. Students will delve into the minds of individuals to study why they behave the way they do, whether it’s to conform or resist in society, how and why we develop relationships, or the way our memory can play tricks on us.

Subject Leader: Ms E McDowall (

Key Stage 5 – AS and A-Level Psychology

Exam board: AQA

The Psychology course enables students to develop the key skills of analytical thinking, communication, problem solving, analyzing and interpreting data and critical reasoning skills. These skills are transferable to both the workplace and further study.

Year 12

  • Topic Social influence
  • Topic Memory
  • Topic Attachment
  • Topic Psychopathology
  • Topic Approaches in psychology
  • Topic Issues and debates in psychology
  • Topic Research methods

Year 13

  • Topic Scientific processes
  • Topic Gender
  • Topic Schizophrenia
  • Topic Forensic psychology