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We live in a rapidly changing world and in very uncertain political times. There has arguably never been a better time to develop an understanding of how the British Political system works and of Britain’s role in Global Politics. This course will explain both and will develop students understanding of the most significant issues in the country and in the world today.

Subject Leader: Mr T Morgan (

Key Stage 5 –A Level Politics

Exam board: Pearson (Edexcel)

Year 12

Focusses on the British Political System and will deal with topics such as Political Parties, Pressure Groups, Parliament, Prime Minister, Elections and Judiciary. The course then goes further and looks at Ideologies in modern British Politics including Conservatism, Liberalism,  Socialism and Nationalism. The idea is that by the end of Year 12, students will have developed a good understanding of how the British Political System works in the UK.

  • Democracy, Participation & Political Parties
  • Electoral Systems & Voting Behaviour
  • Constitution & Parliament
  • PM/Cabinet & Judiciary
  • Conservatism, Liberalism and Socialism
  • Nationalism and revision

Year 13

In Year 13, the focus shifts to global politics including how the UK works alongside other countries and institutions including the EU, NATO, the World Bank, The IMF, the G7 and the UN amongst others. The course will also examine recent initiatives in International Cooperation in the areas of poverty, human rights and the environment.

  • Sovereignty & Globalisation
  • Global Governance : Political and Economic
  • Global Governance : Human Rights and Environment
  • Power and Development
  • Regionalism and the EU
  • Comparative Theories / Revision for final exams

The course is completely assessed through three examinations which will take place at the end of Year 13. Examinations will require students to write a range of responses to questions, from short answers through to essays.

A Level - Students will be awarded A*-E grades                                                

A level Government and Politics is accepted by universities as an excellent foundation for a very wide range of degree courses.

It is also an asset to careers in law, teaching, journalism, marketing, human resources, general management, the police and the media.

There will also be a trip each year to further enhance students understanding. In Year 12 we will visit the UK Parliament at Westminster.