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Key Stage 4 – Art and Design: Graphics

Exam board: OCR

Coursework (1 unit)    60%                                                                                                                                               Exam    (1 unit)   40%

If you’re weighing up your GCSE options at the moment, take a minute to consider just what you might gain if you choose our Art and Design: Photography, Textiles or Art. This GCSE is designed to bring Art and Design to life and to help you develop your artistic skills and expand your creativity, imagination and independence. What’s more, the possibilities for personal expression are endless.

The course provides outstanding preparation for progression to A Level in Art and Design. It could lead towards a career in fine art, new media, games development or games technologies, as well as digital photography and video, and more.

It will help you gain knowledge and understanding of art, craft, design, media and technologies today and in the past, as well as in different societies and cultures. You’ll also develop an understanding of the different roles, audiences and consumers for art, craft and design. You’ll experience different work practices and look at relevant processes and equipment too.

Candidates should demonstrate an expressive and/or interpretative artistic response to the visual world. They should show understanding of conventions and genres such as portrait, landscape and movement and a range of techniques appropriate to the chosen specialism of Graphics

What grade will I achieve?

You will achieve a grade for each unit, from 1-9 and then an overall grade for the whole course, which will be from 1-9.

In order to succeed in the course, the completion of quality homework tasks is imperative and students are expected to meet the given deadlines. Students will be responsible for keeping their sketch books safe and up to date as they will contain the majority of evidence for assessment.

All students are strongly advised to regularly attend after school sessions to help support and enhance their achievement.

Year 9 (suggested Topics)

  • Observational drawing
  • posters

Year 10 (suggested topics)

  • Graphics/Typography
  • Tourism

Year 11

  • Final coursework unit
  • Exam preparation