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Character Education



Our vision at Thomas Aveling School is to enable students to flourish in all areas of their lives, by supporting their development into well-rounded, empathetic people who can contribute and shape society and the wider world, whilst respecting and supporting those who live in it, though the teaching and modelling of good character. Character education at Thomas Aveling School is all-encompassing and is uniquely threaded through all areas of curriculum and personal development opportunities that the students receive. We take character education seriously as we believe it is fundamental to the development of our students 

Our Character program is built around our 5 core virtues: 



Our students are ambitious for themselves, who want to achieve academically and socially 


Our students have respect for themselves their peers and the wider community




Our students understand the importance of resilience and understand that this is a life long skill that they will call upon throughout their lives. 



Our students are proud of what they achieve have pride in themselves, their peers and in the school and the wider community. 



Our students to seek to solve problems and generate solutions in new and unique ways.

Character education is taught through our form time programme and linked carefully to our PSHE programme. Weekly themes are embedded through assemblies, displays and other activities around the school. Subject areas take responsibility for further developing opportunities to discuss virtues and virtue-based dilemmas. Whilst the opportunities for students to put their “character” into practise are wide-ranging: extra-curricular clubs including stunning sports choices, debating club; STEM; music and drama productions, activities week; trips and events, TA Bake off competition; student leadership including events and community; eco-committee; sport leaders; volunteering and charity, and the Duke of Edinburgh award. 

Our staff consistently model good character behaviours and engage in positive character language with students. These positive interactions with staff are opportunities for character education to be caught, allowing students to see how character is put into practice daily. 



During year 7 and 8 students will work on a program that allows them to demonstrate and acknowledge their own personal character development.  Students will develop their character through subject lessons and extra-curricular activities. As part of TA Virtues students are expected to complete a minimum of 10 reflective tasks evaluating how they have developed their knowledge regarding our 5 core character virtues.  


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