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Business Studies

The Business Studies Department is an extremely successful and collaborative team who are always striving to find new ways to engage students, increase their attainment and nurture within them a passion for the subject.  This is achieved through the hard work of a highly effective team who work together, support each other and always share new ideas and resources.

As a department, we are keen to develop students’ skills in assignment writing, presentation and independent learning. The department is extremely well resourced with a range of textbooks, programs and online resources to support students’ learning. Each classroom has space to do book work as well as computer based assignments.

It is the aim of the Business Studies department to not only help students achieve academic success, but also to help them to develop an appreciation of the business world and to encourage them to be inquisitive and independent learners, ready for the challenges of future academia. A large percentage of our sixth form students go on to study Business in higher education.

Subject Leader:  Mr S West (

Key Stage 4 – OCR Level 2 Cambridge National in Enterprise and Marketing

Exam board: OCR

An exciting and rewarding course that covers a variety of real-world business and enterprise topics. Students will complete two course work units based around an engaging enterprise project and then take a general business exam.  The coursework for this course will centre around the project of taking a hat design to market.  Students will move through all the stages involved in developing a hat, that mirror the real-life experience of such a project, from determining a consumer profile, research, design and re-design, financials, branding and promoting, before finally pitching their idea in Year 11.

Year 9

  • Introduction to Business Studies, particularly looking at Entrepreneurs as role models and looking at how a cereal is developed and marketed towards a specific consumer profile. This will continue until Christmas
  • After Christmas students will start on their first piece of coursework (Unit R065). This will involve studying segmentation, consumer profiles and market research. Students will need to determine a consumer profile for a hat, then conduct market research.

Year 10

  • Following on from the students research in Year 9, students will actually design and re-design their hats based on their market research and consumer profile.  Following this they will look at the financial side of their design, including pricing, costings, predicting profit and break even.  Finally the students will look into the risks involved in a new business enterprise and its viability.
  • Students will also work towards Unit R064 to complete the exam in May/June. The exam will count for 50% of their overall grade. The exam unit covers marketing, finance, developing products and running businesses. 

Year 11

  • Students will start and complete the second piece of coursework Unit R066.  This coursework continues the journey with the hat project.  Students will be studying branding and promotion and creating a brand for their hat and developing a promotional campaign.  Students will also learn about presentation skills and will finish the year by completing a pitch for their hat project.

Key Stage 5 – BTEC Level 3 National Extended Certificate in Business (equivalent to 1 A-Level)

Exam board: Pearson

This is an exciting course that covers the major business topics and features a variety of methods of assessment including course work, a set task and an exam.

Year 12

  • Unit 1 – Exploring Business – a general business course work unit covering ownership, stakeholders, factors affecting business and innovation in business
  • Unit 2 – Marketing – students will become experts in marketing before the unit culminates in a controlled assessment style set task in May where students apply research to a given task under exam conditions
  • Unit 3 – Students will start a finance unit after the set task in May. This unit covers personal and business finance and they will primarily work on this until January when they take the exam Personal finance topics include: role of money; bank accounts; borrowings; investments; insurance; financial institutions; consumer protection and advice and guidance.

Year 13

  • Unit 3 – continue to study finance unit ready for exam in January. Business Finance topics include: types of income and expenditure; sources of finance; break even analysis; cash flow forecasting; statements of comprehensive income and financial position and ratio analysis
  • Unit 22 – Market Research – students complete the course with a very independent short course work unit where they will conduct their own market research for a given task.

BTEC Level 3 National Diploma in Business (equivalent to 2 A-Levels)

This is a double course and will cover everything in the single course (extended certificate) as well as the following units:

Year 12

  • Unit 4 – Managing an Event – A fantastic course work unit that builds a variety of skills as students run an event in school after they have learnt about the skills required to be an event organiser
  • Unit 5 – International Business – Learners study how UK businesses develop strategies to trade globally. Learners will also consider the factors that influence the implementation of these strategies.

Year 13

  • Unit 6 – This unit enables learners to understand how the role of management and leadership in the workplace contributes towards business success. It is assessed with a set task similar to that in Unit 2
  • The final unit to be studied will be an optional coursework unit and depend on the interests of the students. This could include accounting, managing teams, recruitment or promotion.