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Year 12 Geography

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During the Easter holidays, Year 12 Geography students took on the task of investigating Chatham and the possibility of rebranding and regenerating part of the area. They have spent time investigating statistics for the area, for things such as Health Care, Education, Income, Households, Employment and the History of the area, with the aim to see if there are areas in which investments could be made to increase potential economic and social output for the area. Once their research had been conducted they then began designing a development project that will have specific aims to address issues in the area. They also have to think about where they would gain investment, who might challenge the development and how it will progress the area.


This task is the classic task that many town planners, who usually have a geographical back ground, will conduct when working for local authorities. We have mentioned that if they find this interesting and enjoyable it is something that they may want to pursue in the future.