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European Day Of Languages

Saturday 26th September was The European Day of Languages. We celebrated with assemblies from Mr Simone throughout the week. and had French, Italian and Spanish music playing in the Hall at break and lunch time. The canteen sold French, Italian and Spanish food too!

We also had 2 competitions running:-

- Why Learn Languages “COMPETITION”.

This was open to all students in KS3, KS4 and 5.

Students in KS3 were encouraged to produce a colourful poster, showing why students in secondary schools should learn modern languages. KS4/5 students were also encouraged to write a short essay on the same subject. The essay could be in the foreign language they are learning or have learnt or in English.

Congratulations to the following students:-

1st Ellie L

2nd Hannah P

3rd Talia T

- Baking competition

All students were encouraged to bake a cake inspired by a country/language of their choice.

Congratulations to the following students:-

1st Talia T

2nd Harrison W

Thank you to everyone that took part and to Mr Simone for all his hard work!

Please see our gallery for pictures of the competition entries.