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Volunteer it Yourself

On Monday 23rd September ‘Volunteer it Yourself’ came into school.

They started the day with a highly informative assembly with year 9 about the benefits to their future CVs, interviews and careers of doing voluntary work. They left our year 9 students with a fantastic piece of interview advice, that the two most important words that they could use in an interview are “For example….” They encouraged the students to get involved with volunteering projects in their local communities where they can build important transferable skills and have examples ready to share with future employers about how they have developed and used these skills.


After the assembly VIY spent the rest of the day working with a group of year 10 students on a construction project for the school garden area. Construction mentors worked with the students to teach them planning, health and safety and construction skills. The students were able to build benches, chairs, tables and planters (including a dinosaur shaped planter – according to VIY a first for them!)  for the school garden all by themselves with advice and guidance from the mentors. The students worked incredibly hard, learnt a lot and enjoyed the process over the day. They should be incredibly proud of themselves.