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Trip to Body Worlds Exhibit

On Wednesday  13th February 30 Thomas Aveling students from Year 9 and Year 12  set off to London to visit the newly installed Body Worlds exhibit

.Through viewing real human specimen the students were able to link concepts they are learning in the GCSE or A level courses to real life such as damage from coronary artery disease and the structure of the nervous system. It was an exciting day as the group accompanied by Mrs. McEwen, Mr. Tarrant, Mrs. Preston and Mrs. Shephard walked from Victoria Station to Piccadilly passing by Buckingham Palace and through Green park. We even witnessed a celebratory changing of the guard along with horses and musical instruments. The exhibit was enjoyed by all on the trip each taking away a new understanding of the workings of the human body.

The Body Worlds Visit, as reviewed by Harvey.

                "Body Worlds Exhibit was a really exciting and interesting trip. We got to see how diseases can destroy your body and what it looks like. It even shows you different systems in your body and how they work. The audio that comes through the earphones allows your learning to excel because it gives you an explanation you can understand."