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Dreadlock Alien landed at Thomas Aveling!

Dreadlock Alien, a West Midlands poet of Anglo-Indian and Caribbean origin, visited Thomas Aveling on Monday 2nd October 2017, to help launch our school’s celebration for Black History Month.

Richard Grant, who performs under the alias Dreadlock Alien, a Poet Laureate, impressed students and staff with his "dub-fussed" hip hop chanting.


Thomas Aveling’s Librarian, Mrs Debbie Peace, said; ‘Dreadlock Alien has a unique way of bringing poetry to life with his enthusiasm, creativity and fun, even getting the teachers to rap too!’


Year 7 and 8 students were encouraged to create poems of their own and produced some outstanding work relating to Black History Month. 


The poems along with some inspirational speeches, Blues Music and Jamaican food, all created by Thomas Aveling students, will be shared at a celebratory lunch for the end of Black History Month on Friday 20th October 2017.