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SporTAcular Update!

A Cavalier house balloon (number 25) has been found in Malenice, Czech Republic!


Today we received a heart warming message from the balloon finder, Marketa Jansova.

Dear Sir / Madam,


This is to inform you that a green balloon from your Sportacular Balloon Race has been found in Malenice, the Czech Republic, EU.


It is Ticket No 25, sent by Chloe. The message reads: Cazz is my BFF.


Well, Chloe, I hope you and Cazz are still good friends. I found your ticket on July 13th  in a forest close to my village, Malenice, as I went mushrooming (a popular Czech hobby; we often do not buy mushrooms in shops but look for them in forests). I did not find many mushrooms that day so the balloon was quite a nice addition to my half-empty basket. Greetings to Britain (where I have been several times) and have a nice summer!


Kind regards,


Marketa Jansova,

Czech teacher and translator