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Cross Trust Debate Competition

Our KS3 debate team took part in the second annual Trust School’s Debate this week, winning one of their debates and coming second overall! They have dedicated a lot of time to preparing their speeches, anticipating counter arguments and researching the topics in depth.

The schools taking part were: Thomas Aveling, Robert Napier, Fort Pitt and Phoenix Academy.


Debate 1: “We should ban music videos and lyrics with discriminatory content in.” (Robert Napier AGAINST/Phoenix Academy FOR)


Debate 2: “International adoption should be banned.” (Thomas Aveling AGAINST/Fort Pitt FOR)


The winners of Debate 1 (Phoenix Academy) and Debate 2 (Thomas Aveling) were then given fifteen minutes to prepare for a spontaneous debate on homework!


Debate 3: “Homework should be banned at primary and secondary school”.


Overall, Phoenix Academy were ecstatic about being crowned champions for the second year running!


All four schools really impressed with their well-structured speeches and their ability to answer challenging questions from our judges and audience members. The feedback from the judges, for our team, mentioned how heartfelt their arguments were and how they were able to think quickly under pressure!


Well done to Aiden, Oliver and Neve (all year 7) for working so well as a team!


In addition, a special mention to Connor (year 10) who did a fantastic job of hosting the whole debate for us!