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Brilliant Club Update

Students in years 9 & 10 took part in an access initiative called The Scholars Programme run by the educational charity, The Brilliant Club

The Scholars Programme was delivered by a PhD Tutor and involved two trips to highly selective universities and in-school tutorials. The tutorials followed a super-curricular course designed to push the pupils to develop the academic skills they will need to secure places at highly selective universities. In this case, students studied Engineering for Economists: How to swap your kidney (legally).  Pupils completed the course by producing an assignment, which was marked using criteria from the Key Stage above their current level. They were then given a university-style grade (1st, 2.i etc.) and feedback from their tutor to allow them to reflect on and improve their performance.

The induction trip took place at the University of Sussex and pupils graduated joined by their parents and tutor at Goldsmiths University of London.