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BBC South East visit Thomas Aveling !

BBC South East video journalist Stuart Maisner@bbcsoutheast recently visited Thomas Aveling to interview our students about the upcoming General Election.

Yasmin, Connor and Max from Year 10 discussed what they would do as the new Prime Minister, #pmfortheday.  They had some interesting ideas ranging from how they would cut imports to focus on improving the British Farming Industry as well as investing more in the Education sector.


Our first time voters in Year 13 were also involved and told the BBC how they're planning to choose the right political party for them #myfirstvote.


Ellie and Imogen were confident they had selected the right party already however Callie and James felt they needed to hear more from each party leader about major issues such as University fees and investments into the arts and culture sector.


Filming took place in the library and we're all looking forward to seeing the news feature in the near future.


Miss Smith and Mrs Wybourn said 'We are extremely proud of the students who delivered themselves professionally during the interviews.  Their ideas and suggestions were shared in a mature manner and for the first time voters it is clear this genuinely is a challenging time for them to make such important decisions.  We look forward to seeing the feature soon!'