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KS5 Cross Trust Debate

Our KS5 debate team took part in the Trust School’s Debate this week, winning all of their debates and coming first overall! They have dedicated a lot of time to preparing their speeches, anticipating counter-arguments and researching the topics in depth.

Debate 1: We should fear advances in artificial intelligence (Thomas Aveling FOR/ Robert Napier AGAINST)

Debate 2: We should accept the inherent risks in contact sport (Robert Napier FOR/ Fort Pitt AGAINST)

Debate 3: There should be limits to free speech on social media (Fort Pitt FOR /Thomas Aveling AGAINST)

All three schools really impressed with their well-structured speeches and their ability to answer challenging questions from our judges and audience members. Our team really excelled being able to answer the questions on the spot and were able to leave the other team speechless!

Well done to Imogen, Callie, Michael and Oliver for working so well as a team and ending the evening as champions!

A few words from our debaters:

Michael: “I enjoyed exploring the opinions of others and discussing such contentious topics!”

Callie: “All teams were really friendly but debated well which made it a really entertaining evening.”

Imogen: “It was really enjoyable to meet students from other schools and to debate contemporary topics with them.”