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Year 9 CoPE students raise money for local charity ‘Caring Hands’

As part of their studies, students set about planning the fundraising events which included a penalty shoot-out, a cake sale, face painting and a poster making event

Lucie (DFEC) sums up the fundraising by saying “We wanted to help Caring Hands because they are looking after people who haven’t got what they need. If people can’t look after themselves, it is important we look after them”

Mrs Dent-Cowan, subject leader for CoPE added "I could not be more proud of this class. They chose a charitable group to support and did something positive to help.  It is so very important that our young people take part in Community action designed to support and help people who are less fortunate than themselves.  Our students understand that they have the power to make another person’s life nicer: that makes them rounded human beings and excellent citizens.  We are lucky to have such decent people as students in our school.”

Our students even received a visit from a photographer from The Medway Messenger, the paper are covering their fundraising in a future edition.

Well done to Year 9 CoPE !