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6th Form Travel & Tourism students organised a trip to Rome recently

23 6th formers along with Mr Izzard, Ms Hawkins and Mrs Humphrey travelled to Rome on a trip organised entirely by students in Year 13 studying Travel and Tourism.

The weekend trip proved a great success with an action packed sightseeing schedule which included visits to see The Trevi Fountain, The Spanish Steps, The Colosseum, The Pantheon, The Roman Forum, The Vatican Museum, The Piazza Navona, and last but not least, St Peters Basilica and Square.

Below is a write up by James (HDER)

Rome Trip

Since completing our AS-level travel and tourism exam back in June 2016, we began to complete work on our event management coursework, where each student would suggest a destination to go to. After much discussion between the groups it was decided that as a group we will run a trip to Rome. Following this between the 6 of us in the yr. 13 travel and tourism group, we began to work on organising and planning our trip. We assigned ourselves each a job ranging from project manager to marketing & promotion as well as finance. From here we planned the trip as a group, liaised with the teachers and tour operators to set it all up. Following many months of planning, organisation and hard work we were able to run our trip successfully to Rome on the 13th of January 2017 (even after all the commotion of the snow).

The trip allowed students to experience new cultures, history and allowing them experience new things they may have not experienced before, we were able to try different foods, different cultures as well as having a go at speaking a different language. The trip also allowed students to develop their general skills from navigation to organisation and time keeping. Overall the trip was a complete success and although there were worries it would be need to be cancelled due to the snow, we were still able to go ahead and have a fantastic time. 

A great way to remember our last year at school, while gaining a vast amount of new experiences and making some great memories!

James, Year 13 – In charge of Promotion and Marketing for the Rome Trip.