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6th Form Business Students raise funds for Young Minds Charity

Our event was a part of Unit 4 Double Business course. The Unit is about learning how to plan and manage an event.  Myself, Jack, Harry and Ajay decided to organise a Quiz Night for teachers and 6th Form students in our school.

We were assessed on how well we can create a plan for an event of our choice and how well we can manage it.  Raising funds for the Young Minds charity was one of the aims what we have set during our planning process.


To organise the quiz, we had to collaborated with many teachers like Mr Izzard, Mrs Butler, etc. and different school departments (e.g. finance department)

We have now counted our takings and we managed to raise £134.60 for the Young Minds charity!


Wiktoria, JDOC - Year 12 Business student