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Teenage Cancer Trust visit raises student awareness

We were very grateful to Hannah Maxwell, Education and Awareness Executive from the Teenage Cancer Trust charity for meeting with our Year 10 students recently.

Hannah spent an hour with our students sharing information and answering questions around the topic of Teenage Cancer.


Feedback from students shows the value of the visit by the Teenage Cancer Trust and we were delighted that Joey and Nancy in year 10 took the opportunity to hand over £51 as a donation to the charity from money they raised at the recent Halloween Disco which they organised.  Well done Joey and Nancy for fundraising for such an important Charity.


‘The assembly by the Teenage Cancer Trust raised awareness for young people on how to check for signs of cancer but also it informed us about how the way we live, for instance, our diet, drinking and smoking and how those things can directly affect our health in the long term’.  Elise, Year 10


‘I found the assembly reassuring and it helped me to know the signs of cancer and how to deal with it.’.  Nancy, Year 10


‘I found the assembly really informative about the different types of cancer that can affect young people and it’s good to know there is help available’.  Joey, Year 10


‘The assembly was really informative and reminded me that it's not only adults that can suffer from cancer’.  Abigail, Year 10


' It was lovely to spend time with students at Thomas Aveling, they were really engaged in understanding cancer and enthusiastic about how we can all help support people on that journey. They have done a great job organising a fundraising Halloween party and the money will help us support more young people with cancer. At the moment for every young person we can help there is another we can't. Thanks to everyone at Thomas Aveling for their support.'  Hannah Maxwell, Education and Awareness Executive -  Teenage Cancer Trust