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  • 20/09/21

    Year 12 Team Building Day

    It was great to see all the students getting involved. The Year 13s acting as TEAM Leaders were great at motivating and encouraging the Year 12s. The company organising the day – Wise Up – said that the annual visit to Thomas Aveling is always a highlight for them as they know our studen...
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  • 09/09/21

    Performing Arts

    This morning the 6th form Performing Arts students met Oscar Dobbins, a student at the renouned Italia Conti Drama school.
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  • 10/08/21

    A Level Results 2021

    This morning students at Thomas Aveling received their much-anticipated A level and BTEC results. In what has been a very disrupted 2-year course for the students, their hard work and the hard work of the staff has paid off with great results being achieved.
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  • 09/07/21

    Summer Concert 2021

    Thanks to all of our musicians for a magnificent performance in the Summer Concert this week. There was a year 7 boy who had only had 5 lessons on the piano and was still confident enough to play.
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  • 10/06/21

    Partial Solar Eclipse

    We got some amazing images of today’s partial solar eclipse at 11.20 a.m. Up to 30% of the Sun’s surface covered by the New Moon. This type of eclipse is usually visible every couple of years from the UK. The next full solar eclipse is in 2090!!
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  • 09/06/21

    Year 9 DT

    Our Year 9 DT students have just completed the production of their Memphis design inspired passive speakers. The 1980’s design movement was full of bold colours, geometric shapes and repeating patterns, which can be seen throughout the students' designs. 
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  • 27/05/21

    Walk to school challenge

    Just wanted to say a massive thank you to all the staff and students that took part in the walk to work/school challenge- I have attached a picture of Mr James holding up his prize! In terms of the student walk to school challenge, we had a massive response from students taking part which was exc...
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  • 24/05/21

    A Level Dance

    Our A Level Dance students were in full swing rehearsing for their final choreography exam. This year has been an extremely tough year for them as they have missed out on 4 months of creating and performing in the studio. I am extremely proud of their persistence and determination and I wish them al...
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  • 24/05/21

    Year 7 Science

    In Year 7 Science we have been looking at charge, how objects can become charged and used balloons to demonstrate this (by rubbing them onto our hair and then trying to stick them to the whiteboard).
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  • 14/05/21

    Year 7 English

    English class, 7Hardy, enjoying their Brains and Biscuits challenge in the library today. They have to work well as a team to find the correct information and answer questions about a range of topics.
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  • 18/04/21

    Year 12 Geography

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  • 11/04/21

    Easter holiday sessions

    100s of children from all years took part in lots of academic and practical sessions at Thomas Aveling school over the holidays. Staff offered sessions in most subjects but particularly popular were Y7 Practical Science sessions, speaking sessions in French, Italian and Spanish, English, Maths, Soci...
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