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Performance & Performance Tables 

The 2016 students’ examination results saw the student community at Thomas Aveling continue to make superb progress and achievement across many areas was outstanding.

 In Year 13 the school achieved another strong set of A level results, with over 50% of entries achieving A*-B grades. Average points per entry and per student remained at a consistently high level, and as such we rank highly amongst schools nationally for student performance against similar schools. This represents fantastic progress for these hard working students and opens doors to higher education for them. All Year 13 students who applied for university have secured places on a wide range of degree courses, including those at Russell Group universities.  ALL grades achieved in Year 13 were pass grades.

At Key Stage Four there were lots of reasons to celebrate, where 73% of our students achieved 5 or more A*-C grades, 61% of students gained this measure including Maths and English – a record for the school and a further 2% increase over last year’s record results of 59% This will empower many of them to follow their ambitions and go onto further education in our school sixth form or elsewhere. 99% of students achieved five A*-G passes, showing that the school not only delivers an excellent education for the most able, but continues to empower all students to leave school well qualified for the future.

The Progress 8 measure – a new measure of a school’s success devised by the Government was 0.46.  A score of 0 means students have achieved exactly as expected, a score of 0.5 is considered outstanding.  This figure, taking into account no changes to the curriculum to enhance these figures shows that students of all levels made superb progress at Thomas Aveling.  It means we are the top shigh school in Medway, second when including all schools (including Grammar schools) and top 5% of ALL schools nationally.  this menas that any student coming to Thomas Aveling will make outstanding progress.

The gap in expected progress in English and Maths between those students in receipt of pupil premium funding compared to those not receiving this grant has reduced dramatically to a point where these students achieve similarly or even better compared to all other students (compared to a gap of over 20% nationally).

Thomas Aveling School performance in 2016