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Jaws and Claws visit Thomas Aveling

Year 8 Thomas Aveling students were treated to a special show on Monday 11th December 2017 when the Jaws and Claws team came to visit.

Each year students learn about different environments and how animals have adapted to these environments in their  Geography and Science lessons. As a School we have been working with Phil from Jaws and Claws for a number of years and his visits help to bring learning to life for the students.  


Students were introduced to a number of different animals including Terrance the Tenrec, Steve the crested gecko and Norman the blue tongued Skink.


“Jaws and Claws is a fantastic way to get our students involved in learning how animals have adapted. Students were extremely well behaved and brave as Phil pulled out a different number of animals including snakes and bearded dragons. Every year 8 student left the session buzzing and excited to share their experiences with peers, some staying behind to get a sneak of what else was lurking in the trolley waiting for the next group.” Miss Burns, Trainee Teacher.