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Harry Potter 20th Anniversary

As part of our literacy programme we decided we could not let the 20th anniversary of the iconic Harry Potter books pass without a celebration in school. Our students have grown up with these amazing stories and it was evident on the day our staff are as passionate about them too!

Myself and Mrs Peace, our Librarian, began planning some exciting activities for the day.  As we started to speak to colleagues about our plans everyone contributed a new idea!  Everyone from the English department to the Site Services teams helped input ideas on how we should celebrate the day in true Thomas Aveling style!


The final arrangements included changing the school House teams to Harry Potter Houses.  During the day the students of the new houses had chance to win special house points which were then all added together at the end of the day.  The winning house, with the most house points were Hufflepuff (Cavalier) who won the Tri Wizard Cup!


Special events throughout the day included a Harry Potter form time quiz, which saw virtually every form scoring maximum points, special Harry Potter games and quizzes in the library at break time, a Harry Potter film in the library at lunchtime and a special Harry Potter party and a game of Quidditch on the Basketball court.


It was a truly magical day that saw every part of school coming together to celebrate a very special milestone. The PE department and site services helped to organise the fantastic Quidditch game which saw 16 students play a high flying game firmly on the ground!  We were unaware how popular the game was until we started researching online and found a number of Universities including Reading and the American university Harvard all have Quidditch teams!


The Quidditch teams were made up of a mixture of students who had been nominated by their English teachers to join staff in a special Harry Potter lunch party.  The aim of the game was to get the ball into each basketball hoop at the end of the court. We had a blue vs red team set up (no link to any of the houses as the teams were made up of a mixture of houses.)


At the same time as the game was happening we had a student who acted as the Snitch (a runner with a ball in a sock attached to their waistband) and two seekers, one from each team, who had to catch the Snitch and remove the ball from them.  The aim was to either catch the Snitch first or score 3 goals to be crowned winners and receive house points for each player’s house.  The first game was close but the Snitch was caught by the blue teams Seeker, the second game was in favour of the blue team from the start and ended again with their amazing Seeker claiming the ball from the Snitch again!  Year 10 Hufflepuff students Owen and Jack volunteered to be the Snitches for each game and were amazing running around on a warm day for around 10 minutes each!


Staff, many of whom had dressed up as their favourite characters from the Harry Potter series, joined the students on the basketball court to celebrate with a special lunch whilst the rest of the school gathered on the field to watch and cheer on the two Quidditch teams.  The Thomas Aveling spirit, similar to what we imagine the Hogwarts spirit to be like, was amazing as we all joined together to celebrate the magical world of Harry Potter!


Mrs Wybourn, English teacher and Joint Whole School Literacy Co-Ordinator