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Rockin' N Bowling Gold Plus Winners

Our Year 11s have been taking part in a reward competition to see who can accumulate the most positive behaviour points since September

Those that get the most will be taken on a reward trip, with an evening of bowling at Hollywood Bowl Rochester. Students were awarded Bronze, Silver, Gold or Gold Plus. The very highest achievers on Gold Plus receive a free night of bowling, food and drink and VIP transport.  A fantastic well done to these 31 students from Y11 who were awarded Gold Plus:

Mia MAIN    86
Rubama SULTANA    68
Eason LAM    67
Constance MELEN    61
Tamer ALIBEY    55
Jaydeep THOMAS    49
John GASPAR    47
Simona KOVACHEVA    45
Rebecca KITCHEN    44
Ellis TOMLINSON    43
Jamie WHITE    43
Hannah ORAM    43
Siana COSTEN    42
Callum BEER   41
Alfie KEATING  41
Navneet KAUR  37
Jade FEIST    37
Rodzers ZALITIS  37
Nafisa HUSSAIN  36
Gurpriya RAI    34
Michael JUKES  32
Samuel ALABI  32
Megan RATCLIFF  32
Alicia STANLEY  31
Benjamin RAFFELL  31
Grace TILLETT  30
Bradley EDNEY  30
Pamela HALLAM  30
Emily MARSHALL  30