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Results of the Red nose day competition

JOINT 1st – Resolute and Cavalier with 113 entries

3rd – Achilles with 88 entries

4th – Victory with 84 entries

The 7 designs that will be sent off and entered into the national competition are

  1. Alise - Victory
  2. Alisha - Resolute
  3. Elizabeth - Victory
  4. Amy - Achilles
  5. Chelsea  - Resolute
  6. Liam - Resolute
  7. Finley - Victory

Thank you to everyone that entered

Results for the Graphics competition

Runners up

Holly (Victory)

Isabella (Achilles)

4th Place Eleanor (Cavalier)

3rd Place Katie (Resolute)

2nd Place Kibebe (Victory)

1st Place Bethan (Archilles)


Results for the Poetry competition

4th Place Farhana (Victory)

3rd Place Jamie (Resolute)

2nd place Jason (Achilles)

1st Place Louise (Victory)

Here's the number of entries by house. 

1st place - Resolute - 50 entries

2nd place - Cavalier - 30 entries

3rd place - Victory - 28 entries

4th place - Achilles - 7 entries

Thank you to everyone for their support too - this is the largest number of poetry entries I have received for a poetry competition!

Results for the DT house competition

4th Place Talia (Achilles)

3rd place Mia (Victory)

2nd place Stephanie (Cavalier)

1st place Harrison (Achilles)

Results for the Roald Rahl Competition:

4th Place - Achilles

3rd place - Cavalier

2nd place - Victory

1st place - Resolute


Please see the competitions for term 1 below