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Results for the Poetry competition

4th Place Farhana (Victory)

3rd Place Jamie (Resolute)

2nd place Jason (Achilles)

1st Place Louise (Victory)

Here's the number of entries by house. 

1st place - Resolute - 50 entries

2nd place - Cavalier - 30 entries

3rd place - Victory - 28 entries

4th place - Achilles - 7 entries

Thank you to everyone for their support too - this is the largest number of poetry entries I have received for a poetry competition!

Results for the DT house competition

4th Place Talia (Achilles)

3rd place Mia (Victory)

2nd place Stephanie (Cavalier)

1st place Harrison (Achilles)

Results for the Roald Rahl Competition:

4th Place - Achilles

3rd place - Cavalier

2nd place - Victory

1st place - Resolute


Please see the competitions for term 1 below