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Careers & Wex

This is, after all, what School is about – preparing for an enjoyable life; getting the qualifications you need to make the life you want- to make those dreams become real! And it all starts with you making the right choices.

We all need to think ahead to what life will hold for us after we leave Education: whether that’s after compulsory schooling, training or university.

This area is here to help you with those big questions!

Let’s face it, we all need a bit of help in making the right choices, and making big decisions about what to do in life is a pretty big thing! There are lots of options for you, so make sure you choose what’s good for you:

You can opt to remain in School, go to College or go to the workplace – provided that you have some form of guaranteed recognised training through a qualification.

Teachers, Friends and Family all help us make decisions. But don’t forget that a qualified Career Guidance Adviser, is on hand to listen to students about the plans they may have for the future or if they are yet to decide! The advice given is free, independent and impartial- important to making those decisions about Key Stage 4 Options, 6th form and University Choices or for further opportunities for training beyond school.

The options open to you after compulsory education are:

  • A School 6th Form
  • A college
  • Work Based Learning
  • Job with recognised training (Apprenticeships)

The grades you get at the end of Year 11 will decide on what you can do next.
Whatever you get, there will be pathways to follow!  Do as well as you can now to get on more quickly in the future! If you are unsure about what you want to do next, contact Ms Sanders who will arrange for a Careers Meeting to discuss possible opportunities.

From 2015, students leaving Year 11 will need to remain in some form of education, employment or training until they are 18. The main difference is for young people aged 16 looking for work: your job will have to (by law) have some form of recognised training through a qualification.

Choices at 18+

  • University is an option that over half of Thomas Aveling Year 13s choose.
    Applications must be made to up to 5 universities via
  • Apprenticeships are available to young people aged 16+ but must usually be completed by the age of 24.
  • Internships are opportunities to gain work experience in an industry that requires people to have working knowledge before they enter a particular workplace.
  • Gap Year is an option for students who want to explore the world, earn some money or take a break from study before returning to education
  • Work with training


Find out the basics about a job that interests you, use the widget below.